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Blogging Topics and Headlines
Written By: June Bachman ~ 5/4/2016 9:00:00 AM

bWyseBlog_WorkshopsAndEvents_Blogging.pngAs you’ve heard Wendy tell you many, many times … ALL small business owners MUST be blogging.  Blogging is the foundation of any online marketing strategy.  Believe you me … we know it is hard to blog on a regular basis … and we’ve also already heard every excuse in the book.  As Wendy would say, “Get over it … and just get it done!”  Here are a few ways to help you get started.

Here is a tool that will help you generate blog topics, and inspire what you can write about:

Here are some other ideas to help you get started writing your blogs:

List Style Posts are very popular.

  • 10 Point Checklist for …
  • 5 Better Ways to …
  • 3 Lessons I Learned from …
  • 5 Tools Everyone Needs to …
  • 20 Easy Tips to ….

Tutorial Posts usually follow a “How to” format.

  • How I … and How You Can Too
  • How to Make …
  • How to Get Started …
  • How to Do X Without …

Review Posts are great for search engine optimization.

  • X Review: Is it Worth It?
  • X vs Y: Which is Better?
  • Why We Use X

Secret Posts intrigue us, as we all want to know how things work.

  • X Things You Didn’t Know About…
  • Forget X: Try This Instead
  • X Little Known-Ways to …
  • The Truth About …
  • What No One Tells You About …

To learn more about blogging join us at our FREE workshop:

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