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Facebook NewsFeed What You NEED to Know
Written By: June Bachman ~ 10/9/2014 9:00:00 AM

bWyseBlog_FacebookNewsfeedUpdates1.jpgOver the past year Facebook has repeatedly made significant changes to the Newsfeed.  It is more than clear that Facebook is now a “pay to play” advertising environment.  You can view all of Facebook’s announcements about the Newsfeed updates.


Here are a few things to keep in mind as you take stock in your Facebook Marketing Strategy and determine how to best work Facebook for your small business.


Be Active and Engaging. Facebook prioritizes about 300 of the daily 1500 posts on your news feed each day. Facebook uses these signals to determine which 300 should be displayed on your newsfeed. How often the user interacts with the friend or page The number of likes, shares and comments a post receives (from the world in general, but also from friend/likes in particular) How much the user has interacted with the post type (text, link, photo) in the past Whether or not users are hiding or reporting the post as spam.


Post Quality Content. Facebook considers the quality of your content.  Consider these factors when posting: Timeliness and relevance of the content Are you, or your brand page considered a trustworthy source Likelihood that others would share or recommend the content How interesting the content may be How complete your page profile is Fan base overlap with other high quality pages Bear in mind, these are just a sampling of the over 1000 factors that are considered


Post News More Often and Post More Articles. Facebook admits that when you post more often, they will display your content higher in the NewsFeed. For example, increasing your posting frequency by 50% has resulted in a 90% increase in user engagement – as well as increasing likes.

Facebook shows quality links to articles higher in the newsfeed.


Tag More Pages. When one page tags another page, the post is displayed on more newsfeeds of those who like or follow the tagged page.


Avoid Baiting and Common Content. Facebook specifically targets spammy links, frequently circulated content and link-baiting posts … and doesn’t display these posts in the newsfeeds.  Link baiting are posts that try to trick the user into clicking on the link.  For example, “You’ll never guess what happened next …. Click to Find Out.”  80% of user much prefer headlines that describe what they’ll view when they click the link. Avoid explicitly asking readers to like, share or comment on your posts. Start sharing links, as links.  Facebook now wants you to post your links as links, instead of buried within a photo post.

With all of the tweaks and adjustments to the Facebook newsfeed over the past year … a few savvy posters have figured out a few ways to help get your posts and updates viewed by your friends and fans.  In their frustration of having their posts not be displayed in the newsfeed, they resorted to testing posts containing “exciting news” and included phrases such as “baby”, “new job”, congratulations” to see if it made a difference in ranking their posts.  And, “Guess what?”  It worked!  These posts appeared higher in the newsfeeds, and stayed higher on the newsfeeds as well.


BONUS: Post about the current “trending topics” on Facebook.  This can result in about a 6% higher engagement rate – since your post will appear higher in the newsfeed.  Trending Topics can be found in the right hand column of your Facebook page.




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