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Wendy is a natural in the role of bWyse project manager. She has an uncanny ability to know what her customers need—and she makes sure that’s exactly what bWyse delivers. With meticulous organizational skills, she tenaciously tracks every step along the way, from initial concept through design and implementation. You might say that if June is the bWyse computer, Wendy is its keyboard—the communicator who makes everything come to life.

Family Circle
Wendy considers it a privilege to work with her own family, and she fosters a close, family-like relationship with all her clients. As a lateral thinker, she can anticipate problems and solve them before they ever occur. And she uses her keen memory to maintain a mental database of important information ranging from client preferences to important dates in their lives (and even the name of their new puppy!).

Wendy’s greatest asset to bWyse is her ability to create a strong, internal support structure. Her attention to detail, coupled with a thorough understanding of the financials—invoicing, accounting, tracking, billing—ensures the company’s credibility and longevity in the marketplace.

Good Humor
No story about Wendy would be complete without mentioning her good-hearted humor. Her love of life is contagious. She can meet you on your current level and gently—but firmly—push you toward your goals. (Sometimes clients even make up excuses to call, just to get a dose of good cheer!)

A Smorgasbord of Talent
Wendy brought to bWyse a strong background in administration, accounting and customer service in the insurance and foodservice industries; she also worked in debt-management and credit counseling. She holds a degree in culinary arts and a degree in business administration from Lake Washington Technical College.

Giving Back
Community service is a family affair, as Wendy and June have worked together on numerous volunteer programs for area non-profit organizations. They donated Web site designs for the Renton Civic Theatre and Dojo, a Japanese martial arts discipline; they also serve on the Dojo board. For the Stella Schola Choice School in Seattle, Wendy and June designed a large Web site to facilitate its day-to-day administration; they also contribute hundreds of volunteer hours for school administration and special events. In addition, they have been active with the Cub and Boy Scouts.

I am:
OCD & Detailed Oriented

Born in:
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Proudest Moments:
Being asked to be Randy's Wife
Being June's sister

Biggest Challenge:
Staying Calm

Alarm Clock:
My Husband

Perfect Day:
Being with my family

First Job:
Paper Route / Dairy Queen

Superhero Power:
My Sister

Favorite Food:

Our Parents

Favorite Places:
Las Vegas / Switzerland

bWyse Is:
My Life