Walt Bachman

Walt Bachman - Co-Founder, Director, Mentor (aka: K`huna)

Walt Bachman

Co-Founder, Director, Mentor (aka: K`huna)
Walt Bachman
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Part of the bWyse adventure from the beginning, Walt has been the driving force in defining and guiding the success of our organization.  Prior to his involvement with bWyse, Walt had been enjoying a peaceful retirement with his wife Terri.  Walt retired from Boeing following a twenty-five year career as a Principle Technical Designer.  He is our master deal maker and keeps the team focused as well as motivated.  In addition, he is responsible for building our computers.  He also enjoys following the race car drivers and providing us with the necessary information to keep their racing results up-to-date.  Not a day goes by that we don’t turn to him for guidance and advice.

I am:
Grateful for an AWESOME life!

Born in:
Allentown, PA

Proudest Moment:
Birth of kids.

Biggest Challenge:
Raising a happy family.

Alarm Clock:
Never needed one.

Perfect Day:
Fishing ... and catching.

First Job:
Paper boy.

Superhero Power:
Fixit - could fix anything.

Favorite Food:
Anything home made.


Favorite Place;

bWyse Is: