Randy Ogryzek

Randy Ogryzek - Chief Engineer and Overall 'Smart Guy'

Randy Ogryzek

Chief Engineer and Overall 'Smart Guy'

Randy Ogryzek
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It wasn’t long before we discovered that we needed additional hands and brains at our growing company.  Once again, we turned to the family to see who could lend a hand.  And of course, Wendy's husband, Randy, was the perfect choice. 

By day, Randy is part of the Microsoft team, keeping their servers running worldwide.  We feel extremely fortunate that he shares his expertise with bWyse in his down time.  Randy takes on the responsibilities of building our Web sites and tackling all the technically difficult and challenging tasks we send him.  He does the “heavy lifting,” elevating our custom development to the highest level and adding an impressive list of bells and whistles.

Randy’s most important asset for bWyse is his ability to literally build anything. His increased involvement in bWyse has meant that we have been able to achieve our company goals ahead of schedule—by as much as two and a half years.

Working together, our partnership is like the three legs of stool—not that anyone is sitting down on the job!

I am:
An adrenaline junkie

Born in:
Bridgeport CT

Proudest Moment:
Marrying my wife

Biggest Challenge:
Following the Aikido path everyday

Alarm Clock:
Don't need one

Perfect Day:
Playing Craps

First Job:
Delivering papers

Superhero Power:
Staying Calm

Favorite Food:

Tohei Sensei

Favorite Place:
Las Vegas

bWyse Is: