April Bachman

April Bachman - VP of Misc. Stuff

April Bachman

VP of Misc. Stuff
April Bachman
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April is lively and energetic, who keeps everyone smiling at the office.  She is a very hard worker and is a terrific addition to the bWyse team.

April is responsible for both administrative as well as technical tasks.  For example, you may chat with her when you call our office.  Or, she might be the one who actually incorporates the updates to your Web site!  April is also one of our best Web site testers.   The way we see it, if a teenager can navigate a Web site with ease—then so can the surfers of the world.  Additionally, she maintains the office supplies, open and distributes mail, and takes care of our filing, as well as other routine office organizational tasks!

She is a valuable asset and we are so very fortunate to have her expertise!

I am:

Born in:
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Proudest Moment:
Graduating WSU

Biggest Challenge:
My master's program!

Alarm Clock:
My phone...or my mom

Perfect Day:
Movies at home

First Job:
bWyse...in the real world Gymboree

Superhero Power:
Pleasing people

Favorite Food:

My mom

Favorite Place;

bWyse Is:
an inspiration and fun!