Just for Fun! 50 Unbelievable State Laws: Part 4

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Just for Fun! 50 Unbelievable State Laws: Part 4
By: June Bachman ~ 3/18/2017 9:00:00 AM


In New Mexico it's illegal for:

  • "idiots" to vote.

In New York it's illegal for:

  • wear slippers after 10 p.m. (no credible source was found for this ban so we say rock those slippers day and night. )

In North Carolina it's illegal to:

  •  play bingo while drunk. (we couldn't find the original story behind this law either)

In North Dakota it's illegal to:

  •  shoot fireworks after 11 p.m.

In Ohio it's illegal to:

  •  sell dyed chickens and rabbits.

In Oklahoma it's illegal to:

  •  engage in horse tipping.

In Oregon it's illegal to:

  •  go hunting in a cemetery.

In Pennsylvania it's illegal to:

  • pay a psychic.

In Rhode Island it's illegal to:

  • race a horse on a highway. $20 fine or imprisonment of 10 days or less.

In South Carolina it's illegal to:

  • play pinball if your are a minor.