Just for Fun! 50 Unbelievable State Laws: Part 5

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Just for Fun! 50 Unbelievable State Laws: Part 5
By: June Bachman ~ 3/24/2017 9:00:00 AM


In Tennessee it's illegal to:

  • share your Netflix password.

In Texas it's illegal to:

  • sell a human eye, kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, bone or any other organ that doesn't include hair or blood.

In Utah it's illegal to:

  • bitie while boxing

In Vermont it's illegal for:

  • women to wear fake teeth without their husband's approval.

In Virginia it's illegal to:

  • go trick-or-treating if you're over 12 years old. The ordinance also prohibits those over 12 from wearing masks in public any other day of the year.

In Washington it's illegal to:

  • attach a vending machine to a utility pole. it's a hazard to the lives of electrical workers.

In West Virginia it's illegal to:

  • wear a hat in a theater (until 2010).

In Wisconsin it's illegal to:

  • offer butter substitutes are banned without permission. A public eating establishment may not serve margarine as a substitute for butter unless requested by the customer in fear of sudden allergic reactions.

In Wyoming it's illegal to:

  • not display pricey art in buildings that cost $100,000+.