Just for Fun! 50 Unbelievable State Laws: Part 3

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Just for Fun! 50 Unbelievable State Laws: Part 3
By: June Bachman ~ 3/10/2017 9:00:00 AM


In Massachusetts it's illegal to:

  • tell fortunes without certification.

In Michigan it's illegal to:

  • sell your vehicle on a Sunday.

In Minnesota it's illegal to:

  • have dirty tires.

In Mississippi it's illegal to:

  • enforce nutrition labels on kids' meals.

In Missouri it's illegal to:

  • wrestle with bears.

In Montana it's illegal to:

  • give a rat as a present.

In Nebraska it's illegal to:

  • get married if you have a venereal disease.

In Nevada it's illegal to:

  • sit or lie down on sidewalks.

In New Hampshire it's illegal to:

  • pick up seaweed off the beach.

In New Jersey it's illegal to:

  •  wear a bullet-proof vest while committing a crime.